Health Care – Vocational Certificate – Medical Administrative Assistant + Pharmacy Technician

Health Care – Vocational Certificate – Medical Administrative Assistant + Pharmacy Technician

Program Code: VOC-HC-PHT

Program Length: 8-12 months

Program Credits: 635.9 Clock Hours

Program Description: The Medical Administrative Assistant + Pharmacy Technician Vocational Certificate program is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills required for entry level medical administrative assistant and pharmacy technician positions. The program is preparation for various certification exams that will improve employment prospects. It also encompasses both general allied health knowledge (e.g. HIPAA laws and healthcare information, ethical standards, and effective communication) and technical knowledge and functions specific to the pharmacy environment (e.g. laws that govern pharmacy, medical and pharmaceutical terms, and pharmaceutical calculations). Graduates should be prepared for all aspects of a medical facility by receiving training for both the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant and Certified Pharmacy Technician industry certifications offered by the National Healthcareer Association.

State and Exam Requirements:
Some states and industry certification exams have specific requirements to hold a credential or attempt an exam. Please explore the links below to determine if you will qualify to take the exam you desire in your state.

National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Certified Pharmacy Technician exam requirements:

State by State Pharmacy Technician Relations Interactive Map

For a breakdown of the courses, please download the program profile below. The program profile also contains catalog and consumer information for your convenience.

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Associated Courses:

VOC-HIT-1000 Introduction to Healthcare
VOC-HIT-2000 Administrative Healthcare
VOC-HIT-2200 Medical Law and HIPAA Compliance
VOC-HIT-2300 Health Information Management
VOC-HIT-2500 Electronic Health Records
VOC-HPT-1000 Pharmacy Technician