Healthcare – Associate of Applied Science Degree (Optional Information Technology focused electives)

Healthcare – Associate of Applied Science Degree (Optional Information Technology focused electives)

Program Code: HC-AAS

Program Length: 15-30 months

Program Credits: 60

Program Description: The Associate of Applied Science in Health Care program prepares individuals to perform functions and processes in healthcare facilities related to managing, analyzing, and organizing patient medical records both electronic health records and paper based health records. The primary program focus is ensuring the quality of medical records by verifying completeness, accuracy, and proper entry into computer systems. The graduate will demonstrate the basic understanding of the electronic healthcare record, medical law and HIPAA standards, insurance billing and coding practices, abstraction of data, general office duties, and customer service.

National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Certification Exam requirements:

For a breakdown of the healthcare core, elective IT, and general education courses, please download the program profile below. The program profile also contains catalog and consumer information for your convenience.

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Program PDF: Download

Associated Courses:

CIS-100 IT Fundamentals
CIS-110 Microsoft Office Fundamentals
CIS-120 Microsoft Excel
CIS-130 Microsoft Access
GEC-100 Basic English and Communications
GMA-100 College Mathematics
VOC-HIT-1000 Introduction to Healthcare
HIT-110 Medical Terminology I
HIT-120 Medical Terminology II
HIT-135 Anatomy and Physiology with Pathophysiology
HIT-145 Pharmacology
HIT-150 Health Insurance Billing and Coding I
HIT-160 Health Insurance Billing and Coding II
HIT-205 Administrative Healthcare
HIT-220 Medical Law and HIPAA Compliance
HIT-230 Health Information Management I
HIT-240 Health Information Management II
HIT-250 Electronic Health Records
CST-200 Principles of Information Security
HIT-100 Introduction to Healthcare