Business – Specialist Certificate, Administration Track

Business – Specialist Certificate, Administration Track

Program Code: BU-SC

Program Length: 6-9 months

Program Credits: 18

Program Description: The Specialist Certificate in Business Administration prepares individuals to face administrative challenges encountered in today’s high-tech business environment. The program is designed to provide the student with knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of information technology and popular business office software. Students can then select a program track to focus their studies on either Administration, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Project Management, Legal Secretary, or Human Resources.

Program PDF: Download

Associated Courses:

CIB-110 Introduction to Business
CIB-115 Business Office Procedures
CIB-210 Accounting in QuickBooks
CIS-100 IT Fundamentals
CIS-110 Microsoft Office Fundamentals
CIS-120 Microsoft Excel