Business Administration – Associates Degree

Business Administration – Associates Degree

Program Code: BA-AAS-GEN

Program Length: 15-30 months

Program Credits: 60

Program Description: The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Administration expands on the knowledge gained in the certificate programs by including instruction in the principles of marketing, customer service, business law and ethics, leadership, financial management and project management; including practical application utilizing Microsoft Project, and QuickBooks among other software. Completion of the course will prepare the graduate to function in a technology driven business environment.

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Associated Courses:

BLE-400 Business Law and Ethics
CIB-110 Introduction to Business
CIB-115 Business Office Procedures
CIB-200 Accounting Fundamentals
CIB-210 Accounting in QuickBooks
CIB-220 Marketing Essentials
CIB-230 Principles of Customer Service
CIB-240 Team Leadership
CIS-100 IT Fundamentals
CIS-110 Microsoft Office Fundamentals
CIS-120 Microsoft Excel
CIS-130 Microsoft Access
CIS-230 HTML Website Design
CIS-400 Electronic Commerce
CST-200 Principles of Information Security
FIN-400 Contemporary Financial Management
GEC-100 Basic English and Communications
GGS-200 Global Sociology
GMA-100 College Mathematics
PMM-200 Microsoft Project