Institution History

As the world grows more dependent upon new and innovative technology, entertainment, national defense & security, personal/global communications and technological skills become increasingly vital for personal and national economic survival. A strong educational background helps provide job security in your chosen career field. American Business and Technology University (ABTU) is committed to providing our students with the skills needed to meet today’s ever changing, highly technical, workplace demands.

Leading Edge Leadership

ABTU was founded in 2001 by Sam Atieh as American College of Technology, with the principle to provide technical education that is career focused and delivered 100% online using live instruction.

Lute Atieh, now ABTU’s chief executive officer, joined the university in 2008 and. Lute developed early models of ABTU’s virtual classroom, building a platform for the student experience which is continuously improved upon today. Pioneering low-cost initiatives has allowed over 95% of students to attend ABTU without opting for student loans in recent years; an accomplishment unprecedented in ABTU’s history and practically unheard of in online higher education.

Ramsey Atieh, currently serving as ABTU’s president, joined the family efforts in 2010. Ramsey is primarily focused on upgrading the university’s information systems, and learning management systems to better engage and retain learners. Recently leading the redesign of ABTU’s programs, he introduced a flexible program structure allowing students elasticity throughout their program. Increasing the student’s ability to specialize in their skills and earn valuable credentials along the way to their degree.

On April 2, 2014, the institution gained university status approval from the Missouri Department of Higher Education and the Distance Education & Training Council. 2014 also marked the celebration of ABTU’s opening of its new headquarters in the historic Wyeth Mansion of St. Joseph, Missouri.

In 2016, Sam Atieh passed the leadership responsibilities to his sons, Lute and Ramsey, who are continuously ensuring the educational institution stays on the leading edge of post-secondary and higher education.

American Business and Technology University’s also benefits from the Board of Directors adding their combined experience of over 100 years in the business and technology field. Each board member brings a unique and particular expertise to this institution. A Curriculum Advisory Council is also a dynamic group that helps ABTU ensure students are exposed to the most relevant body of knowledge for workplace success and advancement.