Frequently Asked Questions

► Who will benefit from this type of education/training?

Adults in general and working adults in particular; people who are working full-time and don’t have the time to go to a traditional college or university. Single parents who would like to pursue their career education. People who are looking to change their careers. University graduates or executives who would like to have a technical background to better market themselves. ABTU platform focuses on the practical approach of learning. Through the live audio/video conferencing system in place, students will reap the benefits of a live interaction with the instructor and other classmates from the convenience of their homes. ABTU intends to make each learning experience a world-class event.

► Why is ABTU’s cost far less than other colleges?

American Business and Technology University mission is to deliver, career oriented, technical training and education to anybody, anywhere at a fair cost. We believe that affordable education should be available to everyone, at any time. Traditional colleges incur high administrative and organizational costs to support their infra-structure; campuses, theaters, and maintenance, such expenses are passed to the online student. At ABTU, we have eliminated most of the costs associated with traditional colleges and we believe in passing these significant savings on to our students.
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► Is my education as valuable as on-campus education?

ABTU programs are developed as a result of the founder’s and staffs’ teaching experience on college campuses and technical expertise. ABTU provides daily interactive online classes, where students can hear the instructor and watch live presentations. In addition, ABTU provides students with video tutorials that illustrate further the study material and lectures. All live lectures are recorded so students can review the lectures as many times as needed, a feature not available in traditional schools. In addition our instructors are also available outside scheduled lectures to answer any questions students may have.

► How does it work?

n order to deliver a rich learning experience to our students, ABTU adopted a comprehensive delivery system which consists of multiple components:

Interactive Class

There are 3 online lectures a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Each lecture is 2.5 hours in length. To accommodate working individuals, Lectures are usually conducted in the evening, except for Saturdays.
Live lectures are attended using a personal computer, and are compatible most mobile devices such as the iPhone.

ABTU E-Learn

The ABTU-eLearn environment is set up for students, using their user name and password, to logon and utilize all the components of the classroom, such as; participate in the audio lecture, review the study materials, send and receive messages, do their assignments, discuss study materials with their fellow students, take the online tests and communicate with their teachers.

Online Tests

Every week you have an online test which covers the material taught in that week. Each test is approximately one hour. You can take the test at anytime between Friday and Sunday at midnight. Once you submit the answers your score is displayed on the screen, and a copy is sent to your instructor.

Video Tutorials

In addition to the instructor’s explanations during live lectures, many courses are accompanied with online supplemental material such as videos, study aids, downloadable examples and more to assist in explaining the course materials further. Students can view these materials at their convenience.

Recorded Lectures

All live lectures are recorded and posted on ABTU eLearn platform, students can replay the lecture at any time and as many times as they wish.

► What if I can not attend the lecture at a specific time?

All online lectures are recorded and posted on our site, so you can listen and watch the presentation at any other time and as many times as you need. ABTU provides 3 opportunities for you to attend each week. In order to maintain good academic standing you must attend at least one live lecture per week.

► How many hours do I need to study?

That varies; however, students are expected to study 15 hours per week outside of classroom time, per three credit-hour course. A course duration is six weeks.

► What are my chances of getting a job after graduation?

ABTU, like other schools, does not guarantee employment for graduates. However, many employers are preferring graduates of Technical and Career focused schools for employment.

ABTU Student Success Services is available to assist graduates in identifying career aspirations and goals. Graduates are offered one-on-one career services and assistance in identifying prospective job positions in their geographical area.

Through the ABTU Student Success Services, students will receive training in creating a resume and cover letter, how to interview, how to search for employment and other skills needed in the employment search. One-on-one counseling is also available. The Alumni web-site affords networking, online chat, and a map of other alumni as well as a graduate’s and employer’s spotlight.

► What are the requirements for admission?

Once you have completed your online application you will be required to submit required documentation to your admissions coordinator. Please view our admissions policy for additional information and a detailed list of items required.

► Do you offer Financial Aid?

ABTU is pleased to announce that it has been approved by the Department of Education early 2010 to offer Federal Financial Aid (Title IV funding). Financial Aid is available to those who qualify; To see how much you qualify for, complete the free online FAFSA application, our school code is: 041187

► I have bad credit, do I still qualify for federal funding?

Federal funding is not subject to credit rating. All Americans and permanent residents may qualify. Visit the FAFSA website to find out more about federal funding.

► Are there any Tax Benefits for going to ABTU?

Yes, there are two tax credit bills for higher education; Hope Tax Credit, and Life-long learning Tax Credit. You can get more information on the IRS website using this link: Tax Credit for Education! Or, check with your accountant.

► How do I get started?

1) You can call us at 1-800-908-9329
2) Or Click here to apply online at: APPLY ONLINE!

► Are ABTU credits transferable?

When attempting to transfer credits from ABTU to another academic institution, one must keep in mind that accepting credits is dependent on the policy of the receiving academic institution. ABTU is nationally accredited by the DETC, and ABTU’s programs and courses have been approved by the US Department of Education, the Veterans Administration, and the Missouri Department of Higher Education, however, I would check with the college you plan to attend to further your education about their credit transfer policy, before you enroll at ABTU.

For Inquiries or questions on Program Content and Requirements, please contact the Director of Education at: or call: 800-908-9329


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