At ABTU we have a whole host of graduates from labor workers wanting to learn a new skill to military personnel who served our country while earning a degree. But one thing about all of our graduates remains constant … ABTU GRADUATES ARE READY TO ENTER THE WORKFORCE.

This page is designed for ABTU alumni and employers, equally. With this page we will accomplish the following: Provide ABTU graduates with the necessary tools, information, and resources that are required for entering the workforce. Showcase ABTU graduates to small businesses and corporations that are searching for qualified candidates to fill vacant job openings.

Live Career Services

The purpose of this program is to provide ABTU graduates with the necessary tools, information, and resources required for entering the workforce.

Objectives :
✓ Development of a robust résumé.
✓ Networking Basics.
✓ Basic interviewing skills including how to negotiate the final offer.
✓ Development of a personal marketing plan.
✓ Review of social media as it relates to the job search.

This live series is offered several times a year. Graduates are notified when the next one is being offered. To RSVP for the next career services series, please CLICK HERE.

New Landings Job Chat (Resources for Graduates and Students)

“New Landings Job Chat” began as “The Job Radio Show” in August of 2010. Originally the program was a Tuesday morning live on-air 60 minute program on 1140AM-KCXL in Liberty, MO. In January, 2011, we changed our format to a web-based Internet radio program. Listener feedback and our radio teams research showed that 20 minutes was the optimal length of time from our audiences perspective. By moving to the Internet, we broadened our listener base from a local audience to a national audience. Beginning in November, 2011, we added video to each audio podcast. As a result, our audience now has several options for accessing each program. They can listen while they are doing something else on their computer, they can watch the program on their computer, or they can download the program to a number of other media such as IPod, ITunes, CD, Smartphones, etc. Each current program, or any of the past programs (Previous Chats) can be accessed on our web site. In the near future, we will add remote interviews with experts from throughout the country via Skype.

New Landings Job Chat has three purposes :
✓ To provide information to job seekers, career transitioners, colleges (Career Centers and students) and anyone who needs information to get, or retain, a job.
✓ To provide a resource for people who coach and assist job seekers.
✓ To provide resources for entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporate training programs, etc.