Welcome to Career & Alumni Services

We are an on-going student service that provides a variety of career services, programs, and resources designed to help you develop a successful career even after you have graduated.

Our role is to help you add to the unique background you bring to ABTU, to assist you in preparing and achieving your future career goals whether they are to find employment or to prepare for another degree program. We are playing an active role in our students’ futures, helping them transition to the workforce by providing resources related to career search, and access to potential positions with employers across the country. Helping students gain the skills they need to succeed is our goal!

As an alumnus of ABTU, you have continuing access to a wide range of complimentary career services and programs, including:

Career Coaching: Talk with a member of our staff about your resume, job search, career direction, graduate school decisions, or networking with fellow alumni.

To learn more about Career Coaching Resources, please click here.

Resume and Cover Letter Critiques: have your resume and / or cover letter reviewed by a member of our team.

Workshops / Webinars: Alumni & Career Services sponsors workshops, webinars, networking events and other on-line activities throughout the year.

Career Library: Alumni & Career Services maintains a small but powerful Career Library with information on a wide range of careers. – Coming Soon

Interview / Negotiating Support: schedule an appointment with a member of our team for a mock interview, and to discuss the subsequent job offer.

Alumni & Career Services Newsletter: sent directly to your email inbox. Keep up-to-date on current job search tips and techniques.

Career Resources: Explore our resources and tools in print, online, and via webinars and videos specifically tailored to you.

Job Search Resources: ABTU provides resources you will find useful as you launch your job search.
To learn more about Job Search Resources, please click here.