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Curriculum Advisory Committee

ATTENTION Industry Experts!

American Business & Technology University is seeking additional members for our Curriculum Advisory Committees, in the areas of Business, Information Technology, and Healthcare Administration. As a member of the Curriculum Advisory Committee, you will provide valuable feedback regarding industry practices, techniques, and future industry needs. Your experience and feedback is vital for ABTU to continually improve the quality and relevance of our programs. Curriculum Advisory Committees typically meet twice annually, in a live-online meeting room.
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Featured Graduates

ABTU prepares students from across the U.S. and around the world to be confident, goal-driven, and ethical leaders in today’s global society. We are pleased to highlight these students, and wish them luck as they move forward in their careers.

Adewale J. Adelegan

LinkedIn Profile

Program Completed: Project Management Certificate
Date Completed: December 2015
Summary: Experienced HR/Admin personnel with excellent organizational, analytical, attention-to-details, customer-service and leadership skills. I am a results-driven, self-motivated, tech savvy, resourceful professional with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of project coordination and implementation. I seek a role in Project Management/Human Resources.

Jessica Agnew

LinkedIn Profile

Program Completed: Human Resource Assistant Certificate
Date Completed: May 2015
Summary: Three years of experience in the United States Army with over three years of administration, and clerical experience. Coachable individual who possess the ability to make independent decisions in the absence of orders. Developed, coordinated, implemented, advised, and evaluated confidential and secret documentation.

Kriss King

LinkedIn Profile

Program Completed: Associate Degree in Web Development & Internet Technology
Date Completed: 2015
Summary: Kriss has a solid 30 years of real world corporate liaison work masterfully interconnecting sales, sales operations, marketing, IT, and leadership on everything from value story delivery via sales automation to how to properly set up sensible ordering, billing, scheduling and territory routing. End-to-end implementation using today’s tools is a requirement to stay competitive in today’s environment. Kriss also has several entrepreneurial ventures where she’s been able to replicate these successful models. The tools provided by ABTU have been invaluable in all of Kriss’ endeavors.