Discounts and Scholarships

College Test Drive Discount

ABTU understands the hesitancy that many adult learners have in adapting to online learning. The ABTU College Test-Drive was developed to allow students the ability to withdraw after their first course and receive a full refund if the student feels they are not suited for the live-online learning style of ABTU courses.

Active Duty, Spouse, & Dependents Discount

This discount was created to honor active duty U.S. military members and their families. ABTU prides itself on being a top military friendly university and recognizes the needs of active duty military members. All active duty U.S. military service members do not pay course material and fees ($125) per course. ABTU requires proof of a Tuition Assistance voucher as proof of military service that shows active duty enlistment. Spouses and dependents are limited to the following: wife, husband, or children/stepchildren of the service member. This discount may be awarded to multiple dependents of the same service member.

Corporate Matching Discount

As the national student loan debt steadily increases, American Business & Technology University (ABTU) continues to seek new opportunities for students to earn a college education, while also minimizing or avoiding student loans.  Many corporations and organizations invest in their employees, by providing funds for educational purposes. ABTU will match the assistance provided by a student’s employer, in the form of a discount, up to $3,600 annually. To be eligible, students must provide proof of employment and eligibility for corporate tuition assistance.

Ambassador Discount

The Ambassador Discount is a needs-based discount for students serving ABTU in some capacity such as helping with incoming students or filling some other role. This not part of the federal work-study program but is similar in nature.

Wyeth Discount

A flat discount of $180 for anyone that has an EFC of 1001 or higher with no other funding source is available. This discount may also be applicable for self-pay students.

Zero-Debt Initiative

ABTU awards a need-based discount to students with a strong academic record and who share our institutional commitment to achieving a zero federal student loan debt. This discount allows an eligible student to uses only Federal PELL Grant funds to cover the total cost of 8 courses per year (full time enrollment). Any remaining balance may be discounted by the ABTU Zero Debt initiative. To demonstrate a commitment to its goal, ABTU makes scholarship and discounts available to students who share this commitment to graduate without any student loan debt.

The Founder’s Scholarship

The ABTU Founder’s Scholarship is offered to a limited number of students annually and provides tuition assistance up to the full cost of tuition and course materials. This scholarship is awarded to students with unquestionable merit, a strong desire to earn a college degree, and who have demonstrated a need to avoid student debt. Potential candidates are identified during the enrollment process. Selected students will be required to submit a statement describing their circumstances and reason for the scholarship request.

For additional information regarding ABTU discounts and scholarships, including how to apply, please contact a member of our admissions team using the live chat feature on the website.


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