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Jean Paul Vushi, Information Technology Graduate

Students give ABTU high praise

Take a minute to read a few testimonials below from recent students and graduates of ABTU programs.  We strive to accomodate all types of students here at ABTU, the kind words below demonstrate our committment to our students.

If it was not for ABTU’s online format, I would not have been able to get my degree. The way the lectures, assignments, and exams are set up makes it very easy to be able to complete the work on my schedule. As a truck driver, I am not home often. That being said, I was able to complete my work on the road if I needed to. The ABTU format is even mobile friendly!The lectures are recorded so I can reference them later, and there’s always a PowerPoint presentation to allow me to visually see the information being taught. All in all, THANK YOU ABTU!! I would recommend that ANYONE get their degree through ABTU, you will be very pleased.

Graduate Matt Fletcher in uniform. Matthew Fletcher – Business Graduate, November 2018

I am loving this institution. Staff makes sure I have everything I need to
succeed. It’s a great place to start to further your education. Don’t believe
me, give them a call and find out. When I do graduate I know I will be a
great asset to any company. Then my masters. Thanks American Business
and Technology University.

Graduate DeAndre Brooks selfie.   DeAndre Brooks – Business Student, July 2019

Thank you ABTU for the opportunity to be a full time student among working a full time job. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful throughout my degree programs. The staff was supportive when it came to my Pell grant expiring, they set me up on a affordable payment plan. ABTU is the only University that has allowed me to achieve my degrees in a reasonable amount of time. I am forever grateful for this University due to the flexibility that they have given me to achieve beyond my dreams. 

Lisa Burton – Information Technology Graduate, May 2019

As a member of the working class students, my work schedule was quite
busy over the last 2.5yrs of my study toward this degree. If I had attended
a traditional college, it would taken twice the time it took to accomplish what I did at ABTU. With the patience and flexible course schedule, I’m proud to stand before you as the second sibling within my family to receive a college degree. I could not have done it without the support structure provided by ABTU.

Michael Newman – Business Graduate, November 2018

This has been a great experience at ABTU. Their coursework has allowed
me to maintain a flexible schedule, while still meeting the requirements for
a full-time degree program. Overall, this has been a great opportunity that I
would definitely recommend to others!

Cody Reed – Information Technology Graduate, March 2019

My experience with the staff have been amazing – they are respectful and
dedicated to solving whatever problem I may have. Additionally, the same
can be said for the faculty who always encourages me to ask questions,
and never approaches those questions from any student in a patronizing
manner – instructors will go back over a concept point-by-point so a student
will understand – without hesitation. Attending ABTU has been an
eye-opening experience for me as a first time college student,
understanding how I learn, and teaching me how to apply that and more
both personally and professionally. I really cannot thank them all enough
for this life changing opportunity.

Deonte’ Floyd – Information Technology Graduate, June 2017

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In addition to the high ratings we have on various sites such as Google and Facebook, our students take the time to submit their thoughts about their experience at ABTU.