More Than Your Average University

American Business & Technology University offers you more than most online schools and traditional institutions. We combine the best of both to provide you with one of the most interactive distance education models in the industry while being among the most affordable ones.

President’s Message

Dear Prospective Student,

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to research the American Business and Technology University. ABTU strives to deliver quality education for less than similar colleges and universities. Many colleges have several complicated fee schedules and tuition rates that can change every semester. ABTU offers students all-inclusive tuition that does not change. There are no complicated fee schedules. The ABTU model is simple; each course has a set cost and that cost does not change. There are no hidden fees, no application fees, and no graduation fees. Book and software costs are locked in for students and are included in the total course cost. ABTU provides you all of the books, software, and technology you need to succeed. There is even an optional technology package available to students who do not have adequate computers to engage in online learning. At ABTU, we take the guess work out of higher education. We are committed to providing you a straight forward and transparent experience.

To support our commitment to higher education, ABTU continuously modifies curriculum to ensure they meet current industry standards. ABTU only offers programs that we feel have growth potential. There are no liberal arts programs at ABTU, only courses that are directly related to the field of study you are pursuing.

In your pursuit of higher education, you can take advantage of many fields of study at ABTU. ABTU offers short-term diploma programs (36 weeks), Associate’s Degrees (60 weeks) and a Bachelor’s Degree (60 weeks). ABTU exercises a 2+2 program. This program allows students to start an Associate’s degree, complete the degree and continue directly into a Bachelor’s degree if they choose to. This means that students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree should earn the Associates Degree roughly half way through their pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree. Students can also take advantage of our accelerated schedules and complete an Associate’s degree in less than 2 years and Bachelor’s in less than 4 years.

I invite you to explore the many benefits of ABTU; be sure to reach out to one of our admissions coordinators who can provide you with additional details about our many programs and student first programs.

To your success,

Ramsey Atieh
University President