VOC-IT-2500 Introduction to Computer Forensics

Course Code: VOC-IT-2500

Course Length: Self-Paced

Course Credits: 57.95

Course Description:

In this module, students are introduced to computer forensics and incident response essentials. This module shows the learner how to collect and analyze the digital evidence left behind in a digital crime scene. Computer forensics, the newest branch of computer security, focuses on the aftermath of a computer security incident. The goal of computer forensics is to conduct a structured investigation to determine exactly what happened and who was responsible and to perform the investigation in such a way that the results are useful in a criminal proceeding and to lay the foundation for further study of computer forensics. Topics in this basic module include an understanding of the digital forensics profession and investigation, the investigator’s office and laboratory, data acquisition, processing crimes scenes, working with Windows and CLI systems, current digital forensics tools, and Linux and Macintosh file systems. This module deepens the skills and knowledge of computer forensics. Topics also include recovering graphic files, digital forensics analysis and validation, virtual machine forensics, live acquisitions and network forensics, email and social media investigations, mobile device forensics, cloud forensics, and writing a report, providing expert testimony in digital investigations, and ethics for being an expert witness.