VOC-IT-1300 Microsoft Access®

Course Code: VOC-IT-1300

Course Length: Self-Paced

Course Credits: 68.3

Course Description:

This module is designed to teach and acquaint leaners with the proper procedures to create Microsoft Access® databases that are suitable for coursework, professional purposes, and personal use. The module focuses include relational database concepts as well as the utilization of many features and techniques that make Access® a valuable software tool to retrieve, change and store data as needed. Topics include basic relational database concepts and characteristics, graphical user interface, creating a database, creating tables, and inputting data into and work with data in multiple tables.

This module in combination with BA-1008 Microsoft Access® Advanced helps prepare participants to sit for the Microsoft Office® Specialist (MOS) Certification exam in Access. This certification is a premier credential shows the world that you have the skills to use the features and functionality of Microsoft Access®.