VOC-BUS-4000 Legal Secretary

Course Code: VOC-BUS-4000

Course Length: Self-Paced

Course Credits: 42.49

Course Description:

Legal secretaries need to have a fundamental knowledge of basic legal concepts and specific technical skills to successfully build a career and manage a law office. This module provides you with an introduction to some basic concepts of the legal system and related terminology to build these critical skills in a manner that creates the special law-related knowledge. This module creates a foundation to various areas of law, research skills, and technical writing. begin adding value as a member of the law office team. Various areas of law include family, business, real estate, bankruptcy, contracts, torts, and criminal. In addition concepts litigation, billing, and the law office will provide the learner with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective in the legal office.

This module will help prepare participants to sit for the NALS, the Association for Legal Professionals Accredited Legal Professional (ALP)® Certification and the Certified Legal Professional (CLP)®., which requires ALP certification and work experience. This certification helps validate your knowledge and skill level of project management to potential employers.