ISM-400 Internet and Social Media Marketing

Course Code: ISM-400

Course Length: 6 weeks

Course Credits: 3

Course Description:

This course enables students to develop a strategic approach in building a social media marketing plan. This course incorporates the conceptual foundation and practical techniques necessary for creating a comprehensive and effective social media marketing plan. Students begin with observing an organization’s current presence and competition on the social web, followed by the establishment of realistic social media goals and effective strategies to achieve them, and defining an organization’s target markets on the social web. Students will also learn to identify the social media platforms with the highest concentrations of its target audiences and determine how they are participating on those platforms, which enables the organization to select the optimal social media platforms for reaching its target audiences. Also in this course social media ethics will be explored with the guidelines in mind, such as company’s social media goals, strategies, target audiences, and prime social media channels, marketers can craft actionable platform-specific marketing tactics. In addition, extensive consideration is given to monitoring and measuring the progress made in reaching social media goals