At ABTU, our tuition and fees are very simple and transparent. This allows you to see the true and full cost of college with 3 basic steps.

1) Each course is 3 semester credit hours and costs $747 in tuition. (that breaks down to $249 per credit hour)

2) Each course has a $125 fee for all course materials including: ebooks, course materials, proctoring, webcam, and shipping when applicable.

3) Full-time Students typically take 12 courses per calendar year (12 months)

The full-time calculation looks like this:  12 (number of classes) X $872 (cost per course) = $10,464 Annually.

The half-time calculation looks like this:  6 (number of classes) X $872 (cost per course) = $5,232 Annually.

We strive to make this process simple. ABTU provides you everything you need to complete our programs successfully, other than a computer and internet access.

Below is the official Net Price Calculator which includes the cost of living (room and board), and additional expenses which are not charged by ABTU but are typical costs of living, transportation, internet access, etc. The program outlines always display the total cost of the program including all tuition and fees charged by ABTU.


U.S. Department of Education Net Price Calculator