Vrap Extension Bill, Will Congress Approve It?

September 10, 2013 2:51 pm

Vrap Extension Bill – Will Congress approve the bill in 2012?

Funding approval for veteran retraining is still needed

The Veteran Retraining Assistance Program, otherwise known as VRAP was created in 2011 to help unemployed veterans ages 35 to 60.  But unless congress acts those funds could disappear.

 “Not very many people have participated in it so far,” said American College of Technology Director of Admissions and Business Development, Richard Lingle. “The Senate Veterans Affairs committee wants to extend this program for two more years.”

will congress extend vrap

VRAP Program at American College of Technology – will congress extend vrap

Currently congress has allocated 99,000 spots for Veterans by only around 64,000 are enrolled in the program.  The program had been set to expire March 31, 2014 but earlier this year a three month extension was proposed and has yet to pass. This extension would  allow veterans who haven’t taken advantage of the program more time to do so.

Congress is expected to vote on  the vrap extension bill to decide the fate of VRAP funding later this year.

“I would encourage any veteran, family member or spouse to call their local congress person or any state legislators about this new extension and try to get this VRAP Extension Bill passed” said Lingle.  “This is a great opportunity for unemployed veterans to be able to get retrained, get them back on their feet to try and provide better lives for them and their families.”

For more information about VRAP funding contact ACOT online at ACOT.edu or by calling (800) 804-1388.

ACOT is also providing need-based scholarships to assist veterans with gaps in VRAP funding.

For more information about VRAP and ACOT, please visit our VRAP frequently asked questions  page.

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More information about Congress and the progress of the Vrap extension bill here:   http://acot.edu/online/vrap-discount-in-place-for-veterans/

By Lute Atieh

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