Unfamiliar with ABTU (formerly ACOT – I started under the VRAP), I would not share the name of my school. After several conversations with criminal justice graduates who had Bachelors or Masters degrees from prestigious schools, I am proud to say I have my AAS from ABTU. During our conversations each has stated that my knowledge is on their level, and they have said, “You learned all of that for an AAS degree?” They have shown me that my curriculum was well rounded and affords me the ability to go toe-to- toe with Bachelors and Masters degree students in the criminal justice field. And I got my degree at ABTU!

Tamea Grant

I started with ABTU as a VRAP student, and continued later under scholarship. And – not to belittle or under emphasize the importance or quality of the curriculum – I’ve been most impressed with the dedication of the ABTU staff on all levels. Without exception, I’ve been helped with any questions or issues with expedience and understanding. I’ve always had a feeling of true concern from everyone. In today’s world, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, but ABTU does not let that happen. They are dedicated professionals, and made achieving my goals much more doable. Thanks so much!

Shannon Cody

I would like to say that the Instructors at ABTU were professional and helpful throughout my degree program, and gave me the motivation to follow through with my goals and accomplishments in Healthcare Information Technology.

Jeffrey Williams

I am very fortunate to have been given the wonderful opportunity to receive my education at American Business & Technology University in Information Technology. The wonderful and amazing Leadership of ABTU and their phenomenal Staff of Success Coordinators, Instructors, and Technicians have always worked toward the success of their students to achieve at the highest levels of academia. I look forward to furthering my education with them in my next journey of education, and encourage all who seek a level of greatness to apply to ABTU.

Preston Williams

I found the studies at ABTU to be very flexible, which is important for a continuing education course. I also found the staff and faculty very friendly and most helpful whenever I had a concern or question. Some of the classes were very trying, but I gained a great deal of knowledge and experience using the online ELearn platform. I would definitely recommend ABTU as a higher education option for the flexibility and dedication of its staff and faculty. I don’t think I would have completed my MBA if not for the flexibility at ABTU.

Donald Gayheart

I had already given up hope of ever achieving my academic goals in an interesting field at my age and income. Fortunately at VVSD Standdown 2012, I received information about VRAP and chose American Business and Technology University. The staff was very efficient and eager to help, and made accommodations for students in difficult situations and under heavy stress from outside sources. Because of their encouragement, I remained an A-B student throughout the time until I graduated. I recommend ABTU absolutely and without reservation.

Shawn Higgins

This was the best school I have ever attended. The staff and administration are fully committed to helping you achieve goals that you set, and help you be able to earn your degree. I would recommend this University to anyone and everyone.

Charles Bowman

Thank you ABTU! The education I received from here has been excellent. I was at first a bit uneasy about an online school, but I was definitely wrong, and I have learned quite a lot in my short time here. I was originally attending ITT Tech before they closed, so I needed to make a decision and find a place where I could continue my education while also working full time. ABTU answered the call! The education here is top notch, and I’m glad to say I’ll be graduating from ABTU. There are some excellent teachers and faculty here that make learning that much easier and worry-free. Thank you ABTU!

Marcus Denell

Alton Gore on How ABTU Helped His Career

Alton Gore graduated with a degree in networking and security. He talks about how ABTU helped him with his career. Alton holds several industry certifications such as network + security + and more.

Dustin talks about American Business and Technology University

Dustin is a disabled army veteran. He chose to further his education online with ABTU because it fit his schedule and allowed for more flexibility than traditional schools were capable of.

Gilbert Land, Michigan

“The class assignments and test were extremely exible to my schedule. The instructors and faculty were all great, they were committed to making sure me and my fellow classmates succeeded. I am so grateful to everyone at ABTU and very excited to be enrolled back to the university to pursue a second degree. I have come to believe that ABTU puts its students first, and so far, it has not let me down.”
– Gilbert Land, ABTU Student & U.S. Steel Employee


Leon Flowers Enjoys ABTUs Helpful Environment

Leon enjoys ABTU because help is only a click or phone call away. Leon believes the live, virtual, and interactive classes are just like being in a traditional classroom. Leon learned how to build computers early in life, and decided to further his knowledge and skills with technology by coming to ABTU.

Alex Bergland, Great Penmanship Founder, Talks About ABTU Google Classes

Pam Thompson Health Information Technology Faculty at ABTU

Troy Jackson Faculty at ABTU

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