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Welcome to the Trade Adjustment Assistance Page, also known as TAA and TRA.

On April 30th, 2013, ABTU held the first TRA informational seminar. Roughly 50 people attended to learn more about the types of benefits available.
A member of the Missouri Career Center in Maryville, MO, was available to answer some of the questions.
We will continue to publish information, along with Frequently asked questions on this page.

The next information session is May 1st, at the Holiday Inn Express in Maryville MO.  We will be hosting future informational seminars weekly.

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4/29/2013: Press release about Energizer layoff, Trade Adjustment Assistance and American College of Technology

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Missouri Career Center:—employer-services



ACOT in the press:

5/1/13: Maryville MO Daily Forum Article

4/30/13: Interview about retraining in northwest missouri

5/1/13: Article about American College of Technology providing training to former Energizer employees

5/1/13: St Joseph Post talks about Energizer plant shutting down and what is doing to help retrain employees for the future. 

5/1/13: Northwest Missouri info – article about American College of Technology and Energizer 

5/1/13: facebook page a  about training 

5/2/13: Short video about training for dislocated workers


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can i use any of these benefits before my employment ends?
A: No, you must be unemployed to access your benefits.

Q: What types of insurance can i get once unemployed?
A: Only cobra is covered under HCTC which will help cover the cost of health care coverage. Please visit for more information about this program that is administered by the IRS.