Scheduling Proctoring


Proctoring Instructions


Courses with proctored exams are identified in the Catalog,
on the course homepage, and your instructor will discuss this in class.

For questions please contact a
Student Success Coordinator 816-279-7000 ext. 1100

*To request a Webcam for Proctoring, please Click HERE


Schedule Your Exam

  • Please schedule an appointment with ProctorU by clicking the link provided on your course page or by visiting
  • Please test your computer with ProctorU before taking the test. Visit
  • Any technical questions you may have related to your proctored exam can be addressed by calling ProctorU at (925) 273-7588.
  • Local students may proctor on site. Please email to schedule your appointment.


Take your Exam

  • When it is time to take your exam click this link: Proctor U Login
  • Sign in, and a timer will appear. Once it is time, the timer will change and will allow you to click it.


Guidelines for Proctoring:

  • You must show your photo identification to the proctor.
  • You have 2 hours for the test.
  • The test is CLOSED BOOK.
  • You may use 1 page (8.5 x 11, front and back) of handwritten notes.
  • Please review ProctorU’s Test Taker Handout before you attempt your exam.
  • Your exam must be taken in a private secluded area, in order to be approved by ProctorU regulations.
  • No printed notes will be allowed.
    *Certain tests will be allowed calculators. Please consult your instructor.

Note: You must schedule your proctored exam at least 4 days
prior to the deadline.  If you attempt to schedule it in less than
4 days, Proctor U will charge a scheduling fee of $5.00.

You will be asked to make this payment on the ProctorU website by using a credit or debit card.
If you schedule a proctored exam and are a no-show or need to reschedule without out 4 days notice, you will be charged $8.75 to do so.

To review the Proctoring Policy please click here

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