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Prospective students should note the many benefits of attending a University that has developed its infrastructure, policies and course offerings around the student’s needs. Everything from our tuition rates to the type of programs we offer are all shaped by student and faculty feedback. Please take a moment to watch a few of the short videos below to gain a better understanding of the uniqueness of our University.

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President’s Message

Dear Prospective Student,
I want to personally thank you for taking the time to research the American Business and Technology University. ABTU strives to deliver quality education for less than similar colleges and universities. Many colleges have several complicated fee schedules and tuition rates that can change every semester. ABTU offers students all-inclusive tuition that does not change. There are no complicated fee schedules. The ABTU model is simple; each course has a set cost and that cost does not change. There are no hidden fees, no application fees, and no graduation fees. Book and software costs are locked in for students and are included in the total course cost. ABTU provides you all of the books, software, and technology you need to succeed. There is even an optional technology package available to students who do not have adequate computers to engage in online learning. At ABTU, we take the guess work out of higher education. We are committed to providing you a straight forward and transparent experience.

To support our commitment to higher education, ABTU continuously modifies curriculum to ensure they meet current industry standards. ABTU only offers programs that we feel have growth potential. There are no liberal arts programs at ABTU, only courses that are directly related to the field of study you are pursuing.

In your pursuit of higher education, you can take advantage of many fields of study at ABTU. ABTU offers short-term diploma programs (36 weeks), Associate’s Degrees (60 weeks) and a Bachelor’s Degree (60 weeks). ABTU exercises a 2+2 program. This program allows students to start an Associate’s degree, complete the degree and continue directly into a Bachelor’s degree if they choose to. This means that students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree should earn the Associates Degree roughly half way through their pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree. Students can also take advantage of our accelerated schedules and complete an Associate’s degree in less than 2 years and Bachelor’s in less than 4 years.

I invite you to explore the many benefits of ABTU; be sure to reach out to one of our admissions coordinators who can provide you with additional details about our many programs and student first programs.

To your success,
Ramsey Atieh
University President

 ABTU and Wounded Warriors

Watch this short video about ABTUs partnership with the WTC – Warrior Transition Command.

Richard Dodson on supporting veterans


In October of 2013, the ABTU board of directors made the decision to purchase an iconic landmark that would soon become the home of ABTU. The nearly 100 year old estate was renovated and now houses the University staff, faculty and local students. Watch a short video tour of the facility.

A different approach to paying for college. »

One of the most unique aspects of the University is the collective passion of the faculty and staff to promote affordable education and a willingness to help every student reach their goals.

It is the desire of the University to offer a quality and affordable education without the burden of high student loan debt. Our commitment to using the latest technology helps keep the cost of tuition affordable for students. Your total cost is set from the day you enroll until graduation; with some planning this can be accomplished without the use of private or federal student loans, leaving your to enjoy much more of your hard-earned income.



American Business and Technology University offers several types of funding for students.

GI Bill®: ABTU accepts all chapters of the GI Bill®. Scholarships available for Veterans, Active Duty and Dependents. In many cases a veteran or active duty personnel will not need to pay out of pocket for their education. ABTU is committed to providing access to higher education which is affordable and convenient.

Federal Student Aid: Federal student aid is available for qualified students at ABTU. Federal student aid, also referred to Financial aid or Title IV can be used to assist in paying for college. There are many steps that must be completed to qualify for Federal student aid. Please visit our FINANCIAL AID page for more information and steps.

Corporate Tuition Reimbursement: ABTU is Tuition assistance friendly, your company may pay a portion of your tuition if your training is related to your job duties. Typically corporations require pre approval from the human resources department before an employee enrolls, please check your company’s benefits. You can discuss this option with your admissions coordinator during the application process.

Active Duty Tuition Assistance: ABTU is approved by all branches of the military for Active Duty Tuition Assistance. ABTU offers a discount for Active Duty members currently serving our country for up to 50% off of the total cost of education. Also ask about our military family scholarships.

Zero Interest payment Plan: ABTU is committed to helping you graduate without a large amount of debt to repay. Our affordable and all inclusive cost are just a few ways we are able to help. You can also set up a zero interest payment plan with ABTU to avoid taking loans and paying interest. This payment agreement is not credit based. Please ask your admissions coordinator for more information about this plan. Payments can be structured monthly, or course by course.

Vocational Rehab: Check with your local VR office to see if you qualify for educational assistance. ABTU delivers live education directly to you within your home. You may qualify for tuition assistance along with internet access and technology assistance if you are disabled. Ask your admissions coordinator for more information.

Work Investment Act: If you have recently been laid off, you may qualify for state and federal funds to assist in your re-training. This funding is state specific, check with your admissions representative to see if the state you live in qualifies. Also check with your local unemployment or Work Investment Act office to see if you qualify for these grants.

American Business and Technology University offers the best price for online education

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ABTU has been offering live interactive lecture online since 2001. What started out as internet radio broadcasts has developed into a two-way interactive platform that allows students from anywhere, on a mobile device or on their home computer to interact with faculty in real-time.

Our platform allows you to attend from various types of devices including iphone, android devices, tablets, smart tv’s and PC’s. Try a demo with no obligation and experience the ABTU difference.   Click here to schedule a college test drive.

Live, Interactive Lectures make the difference at ABTU