The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Business Management in the Global Economy with Emphasis in Marketing

Business Management in the Global Economy with Emphasis in Marketing (CIP Code: 52.1401)


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Program Title: Business Management in the Global Economy with Emphasis in Marketing
Completion Award: Bachelor of Applied Science Degree (2+2 Completion Program)
Contact Hours: 900
Outside Study Hours: 1800
Pre-requisite: Student must possess an AAS Degree in a similar field of study.
Semester Credits: 60 hours (including 15 semester credits of General Studies)
Program Duration: 120 weeks
Cost Per Credit Hour: $249
Tuition: $14,940
Course Materials (Books & Software): $2500**
Total Cost: $17,440 (including books, software, and shipping)

** For a detailed breakdown and description of the course materials fees, please refer to Course Materials under the Student Services section of the catalog.

Program Description

The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Business Management in the Global Economy with emphasis in Marketing prepares individuals to face the marketing management and administrative challenges encountered in the current high-tech global environment. The core courses in the program are designed to provide the student with the statistical analysis, economics, business law, accounting and finance knowledge and skills to identify and analyze business issues; the marketing abilities to develop functional solutions and manage the resources to implement and maintain those solutions. The general education components of the program augment these abilities from the obvious courses in technical writing, business psychology, and safety and health in the workplace, to the indirect influences of political and environmental science.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, the graduate should be able to:

  • Identify current and potential marketing issues and concerns in an organization.
  • Determine the sources of impending and future strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the organization, specifically in the area of marketing.
  • Use marketing research, statistical, economic, accounting, and finance tools to analyze and quantify those concerns.
  • Present quantitative and technical issues with clear and concise methods.
  • Apply best practices and marketing skills to formulate solutions and develop successful plans.
  • Create and implement marketing plans and solutions.
  • Evaluate the potential external, political, social, legal, and environmental marketing issues.
  • Employ current and developing technologies to facilitate, manage, and grow a marketing department.
  • Identify national and global markets and implement programs to develop them.


Potential Employment

Upon successfully completing this program the graduate may qualify to manage or direct a moderate to large marketing department in a corporation or large private company. Graduates will possess the knowledge and skills to integrate the latest and developing marketing technologies and techniques, such as social media marketing, and a global online presence; as well as incorporating these techniques into a safe, environmentally friendly, global workplace.

Disclaimer: Many companies may require background checks and/or drug screenings as a qualification for employment


Business Mgt. in the Global Economy – Marketing Courses

Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCredits
STS-300Business Statistics ICore3
STS-310Business Statistics IICore 3*
BIS-400Business Information SystemsCore3
ECN-400MacroeconomicsCore 3*
BLE-400Business Law and Ethics Core 3*
BMA-400Managerial Accounting Core3
ISM-400Internet and Social Media Marketing Core3
BGM-400Global Marketing Core3
BCB-300Consumer Behavior Core 3*
MKR-300Marketing Research Methods Core3
SMK-400Marketing Strategy Core3
MKM-300Marketing Management Core 3*
MKS-400Services Marketing Core3
Total Core Credits45


General Education Courses

General Education Courses   
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCredits
English & Communications: select 1 course from the following 3 course options
GEC-100Basic English & CommunicationsGen-Ed3
GBC-110Business CommunicationsGen-Ed 3
GTW-400Technical Writing
Mathematics: select 1 course from the following 5 course options
GMA-100College MathematicsGen-Ed3
GMA-150Introductory AlgebraGen-Ed3
GBM-200Business MathGen-Ed3
GCA-200College AlgebraGen-Ed3
STS-300Business StatisticsGen-Ed3
Social / Natural Sciences: select 3 course from the following 5 course options
GGS-200Global SociologyGen-ED 3*
PSY-100Essentials of PsychologyGen-Ed3
GPS-300Political ScienceGen-Ed3
GSH-300Safety & Health in the WorkplaceGen-Ed3
GES-300Environmental ScienceGen-Ed3
Total General Education Credits15
Total BAS Program Credits:60

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