Technical Diploma in Computer Programming and Systems Design

Computer Programming and Systems Design (CIP Code: 11.0201, 11.0501)

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Program Title: Computer Programming and Systems Design
Completion Award: Technical Diploma
Contact Hours: 450
Outside Study Hours: 900
Pre-requisite: Highschool Diploma, GED or its equivalent is required for admission.
Semester Credits: 30 hours (including 3 semester credits of General Studies)
Program Duration: 60 weeks
Cost per Credit Hour: $249
Total Tuition: $7,470
Course Materials and Fees: $125
Total Course Materials and Fees: $1,250**
Total Cost of Program: $8,720 (including course materials and fees)

** For a detailed breakdown and description of the course materials, please refer to Course Materials under the Student Services section of the catalog.

Program Description

The Technical Diploma degree in Computer Programming and Systems Design combines studies in information technology, programming, and encompasses accepted theories regarding information systems management. The academic and professional skills focused on during the program provide a basic knowledge of high-level languages such as Java and Visual Basic and the Microsoft Office Suite, preparing them to function successfully in programming and systems design positions.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate should be able to:

  • ✓ Create and implement generic and customized programs to drive operating systems.
  • ✓ Apply the methods and procedures of software design and programming to software installation and maintenance.
  • ✓ Design software and write computer programs in Java and Visual Basic.
  • ✓ Demonstrate program customization and linking; prototype testing; troubleshooting; and related aspects of operating systems and applications.
  • ✓ Demonstrate proficiency in the use of current Microsoft Office Suite products.
  • ✓ Create functional programs utilizing basic and advanced techniques of MS Visual Basic, JAVA, and ASP.NET programming.
  • ✓ Identify and evaluate application software issues and implement effective remediation policies and procedures.
  • ✓ Demonstrate effective communications utilizing accepted business practices and applications.
  • ✓ Apply the knowledge and skills of general computer programming to the solution of specific operational problems and customization requirements presented by individual and organizational users.


Potential Employment

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates should possess the knowledge and skills to fill positions as an entry level computer programmer, I.T. customer support specialist, applications developer, or as a professional in other information technology and computer fields.

Disclaimer: Many companies, particularly within the Information Technology field, may require background checks and/or drug screenings as a qualification for employment.

* This course has a proctored final exam. Please refer to the Proctored Examination Policy and Procedure in the College Catalog or on the website at:


Computer Programming and Systems Design

Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCredits
CIS-100IT (Information Technology) FundamentalsCore3
CIS-110Integrated Business ApplicationsCore3
CIS-120Microsoft ExcelCore 3*
CIS-130Relational Database ManagementCore3
CIS-140Programming Logic & DesignCore3
CIS-150Programming in MS Visual Basic 2008 ICore3
CIS-160Programming in MS Visual Basic 2008 ICore 3*
CIS-200Java Programming ICore3
CIS-210Java Programming IICore 3*
GEC-100Basic English & CommunicationsGen-Ed3
Total Program Credits30

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