Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) (CIP Code: 52.0201)


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Program Title: Master of Business Administration
Completion Award: Master of Business Administration
Contact Hours: 540
Outside Study Hours: 1,080
Pre-requisite: Student must possess a Bachelor Degree in a similar field of study.
Semester Credits: 36 hours
Program Duration: 72-96 weeks
Cost per Credit Hour: $249
Course Materials and Fees: $125 per course
Domestic Registration Fee: $50
International Registration Fee: $150
Total Course Materials & Fees: $1,500**
Total Tuition: $8,964
Total Cost of MBA Program: $10,514 (including course materials and fees)

** For a detailed breakdown and description of the course materials fees, please refer to Course Materials under the Student Services section of the catalog.

Program Description

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) prepares individuals to face the advanced management and administrative challenges encountered in the current large scale and/or complex high-tech global organizations. The courses in the program are designed to provide the student with superior skills in online communications, leadership, marketing, information technology, operation management, and financial management needed to compete in the rapidly developing, highly competitive field of global business management.

Program Outcomes

In addition to the College learning goals, the MBA program prepares students to do the following:

  • Create and utilize Excel spreadsheets to analyze and support basic business functions. (ACT-500)
  • Interpret and analyze financial information prepared for both internal and external use. (MBA-500)
  • Implement proven marketing management strategies. (MBA-510)
  • Evaluate the impact of microeconomics and macroeconomics on an organization. (MBA-520)
  • Manage and maintain complex information systems. (MBA-530)
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in building successful organizations. (MBA-540)
  • Demonstrate a superior understanding of business law and ethics. (MBA-550)
  • Analyze the implications of synchronizing and harmonizing a global organization. (MBA-600)
  • Apply quantitative methods to facilitate accurate decision making. (MBA-610)
  • Determine the optimal operations strategy for an organization. (MBA-620)
  • Evaluate a firm’s financial management policies. (MBA-630)
  • Develop a comprehensive business plan. (MBA-690)


Potential Employment

Upon successfully completing this program the graduate may qualify to manage or direct a medium to large complex global business or corporations. Graduates will possess the knowledge and skills to integrate the latest and developing technologies, such as online communications, global marketing and rapidly changing information technology into a successful business, as well is the skills to develop a comprehensive business plan for such an organization.

Disclaimer: Many companies may require background checks and/or drug screenings as a qualification for employment.

* This course has a proctored final exam. Please refer to the Proctored Examination Policy and Procedure in the College Catalog or on the website at: Proctored Examination Policy


Courses Credit Hours
ACT-500 Managerial Problem Solving 3
MBA-500 Essentials of Accounting 3
MBA-510 Marketing Management and Strategy 3*
MBA-520 Survey of Economics 3
MBA-530 Management of Information Technology   3
MBA-540 Leadership and Organizational Behavior 3*
MBA-550 Business Law and Ethics 3
MBA-600 Global Business Management 3*
MHR-500 Human Resources Management 3
MBA-620 Operations Management 3*
MBA-630 Advanced Financial Management 3
MBA-690 Business Plan Seminar 3

Total Credits: 36

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