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Associate in Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology (CIP Code: 51.0707, 51.0710)

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Program Title: Health Information Technology
Completion Award: Associate of Applied Science Degree
Contact Hours: 900
Outside Study Hours: 1800
Semester Credits: 60 hours (including 15 semester credits of General Studies)
Program Duration: 120 weeks
Cost per Credit Hour: $249
Total Tuition: $14,940
Course Materials and Fees: $125
Total Course Materials and Fees: $2,500**
Total Cost of AAS Program: $17,440 (including course materials and fees)

Program Description

The Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology program prepares individuals to perform functions and processes in healthcare facilities related to managing, analyzing, and organizing patient medical records both electronic health records and paper-based health records. The primary program focus is ensuring the quality of medical records by verifying completeness, accuracy, and proper entry into computer systems. The graduate will demonstrate the basic understanding of the electronic healthcare record, medical law and HIPAA standards, insurance billing and coding practices, abstraction of data, general office duties, and customer service.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate should be able to:

  • ✓ Understand medical terms related to common diseases and pathology by utilizing the learned foundations of medical word structure and abbreviations.
  • ✓ Transcribe, proofread, and edit various forms of health related information including, but not limited to, correspondence, ambulatory reports, history and physical exams, operative reports, and discharge summaries utilizing standard formatting.
  • ✓ Understand all types of insurance plans, filing guidelines, precertification and authorization procedures, and perform basic procedure and diagnostic coding for reimbursement.
  • ✓ Perform general office duties relating to communication, supply and equipment maintenance, financial management, mail handling, and employment laws.
  • ✓ Comply with HIPAA standards in relationship to administrative, physical, and technical safeguards, ensure adherence to medical, legal, and ethical standards, and understand penalties associated with HIPAA.
  • ✓ Manipulate and manage medical records and databases for the purpose of patient demographic information, scheduling, documentation, and financial obligations as well as all general practice record keeping utilizing software applications.
  • ✓ Identify the core functions/capabilities of an electronic health record, understand how accuracy, completeness, and currency of summary lists is best maintained in the electronic health record, and how to utilize an electronic health record to facilitate secure and confidential communications.

Potential Employment

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates should possess the knowledge and skills required for employment as a Medical Office Assistant, Healthcare Access Associate, Health Information Clerk or focus on specialized entry-level positions such as Medical Transcriptionist, Medical Biller and Coder, or other similar positions within the healthcare field. ABTU's program courses are designed in sequential order. Therefore, the student must complete the given course before progressing to the next course in the sequence.

Graduation Requirements

In order for students to successfully complete their program, all required materials must be completed, submitted, and within the maximum program duration. Students who fail to complete the program at this level may appeal to the Director of Education for an extension. Students must also complete the proctored Degree Exit Examination for this program to graduate.
Students can complete a course with a grade of "D" or 1.0, however, in order to meet SAP requirements and be able to graduate, the student has to have an overall average of "C" or (2.0 out of 4.0) for all courses and be able to complete all work required within 150% of the program duration or an additional year of the published length whichever is less.

* This course has a proctored final exam. Please refer to the Proctored Examination Policy and Procedure in the College Catalog or on the website at: www.abtu.acot.edu/policies.htm
** For a detailed breakdown and description of the course materials, please refer to Course Materials under the Student Services section of the catalog.

Required Courses Credit Hours
CIS-100 Information Technology and Distance Learning 3 3
CIS-110 Integrated Business Applications 3
HIT-100 Introduction to Healthcare 3*
HIT-110 Medical Terminology I 3
HIT-120 Medical Terminology II 3*
HIT-130 Medical Transcription/Editing I 3
HIT-140 Medical Transcription/Editing II 3
HIT-150 Understanding Health Insurance 3
HIT-160 Insurance Billing and Coding 3
HIT-200 Administrative Healthcare I 3
HIT-210 Administrative Healthcare II 3*
HIT-220 Medical Law and HIPAA Compliance 3
HIT-230 Health Information Management I 3
HIT-240 Health Information Management II 3
HIT-250 Electronic Health Records 3*
General Courses Credit Hours
GEC-100 Basic English and Communications 3
GBC-110 Business Communication 3
GBM-200 Business Math 3
GCA-200 College Algebra 3
GGS-200 Global Sociology 3*

Total Credits: 60

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