Professional Development Library

Teaching strategies:

Engaging Learners Online & Face to Face: MAPCCS-KAPCCS Presentation 10-21-16 (this source provides a guideline for creating an online course and practices for teaching online-from the University of Michigan)

Teaching resources:

Faculty Focus Podcast: Efficient & Effective Grading (built in source from Library and Information Resources Network-LIRN) (The Chronicle of Higher Education-a source of news and information for college and university faculty members and administrators) (this site helps teachers use primary sources from the Library of Congress in their teaching) (built in source from LIRN-training webinars with ProQuest) (built in source-listed on the ABTU Library Resource Databases page)

Plagiarism: (Purdue Online Writing Lab-Avoiding Plagiarism) (Student Guide resource on detecting plagiarism and preventing plagiarism) (UNC College of Arts & Sciences handout about plagiarism) (United States Copyright Office) (fair use evaluator –this tool helps you better understand how to determine the “fairness” of a use under the U.S. Copyright Code) (copyright & fair use-a collection of resources on the issues of copyright infringement and fair use) (fair use checklist-the fair use checklist allows you to determine if your usage falls within the guidelines of fair use by answering a few simple questions)

Twitter: (Education Chats) (Twitter directory for higher education)

Webinar: (Edchat Interactive-looks new and in Beta maybe)

Blogs: (Steven Anderson-A blend of technology and education) (daily ranking of 100 education blogs) (top 50 K-12 IT blogs of 2016-some will apply to college) (2015 Edublog award finalists) (Blog described as “Building engaging learning experiences through instructional design and e-learning”) (from DePaul University-IT blog for higher education) (Susan Smith Nash-focuses on distance training and education)