Welcome To ABTU Orientation

Access to Orientation

Live Orientation is required for all new students and also returning students as this session will cover all the NEW Policies and updates to our system before class starts.

Click here to access the Orientation Room

For questions or concerns please contact the Success Team (816) 279-7000 ext. 1100



Access ABTU eLearn Platform

1. Go to www.ABTU.edu
2. Click “LOG IN” at the top right corner of the page
3. Click the grey eLearn2 square (as shown to the right).
4. Now enter your username and password

Username = firstname.lastname ex: john.smith (don’t forget the period between your first and last name)

Password = Jsmmddyy  (the password format is your first
initial, last initial followed by your 6-digit date of birth).

Access Student Emailmy_email_new

1. Go to abtu.edu and click Login in the top right corner
2. On the login screen click my email
3. Your username format will be firstname.lastname@students.abtu.edu
4. Your password will be the same as that of the eLearn Platform
*Password = Jsmmddyy  (the password format is your first initial, last initial followed by your 6-digit date of birth).