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ABTU tuition is substantially less than the tuition cost of many similar colleges and universities! Click to Compare!   ABTU offers five diploma programs, five associate’s of applied science, six bachelor’s degrees, and seven Master’s programs. All of our programs are high in-demand fields, specifically sought out by the best employers.

Popular funding sources are listed below. If you do not see one that you may qualify for, please speak to an enrollment coordinator to assist you.

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Total Cost Comparison

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  *Prices based on total advertised cost of AAS program

School Name: Tuition Books and Software Additional Fees Total Cost
American Business and Technology University $14,940 $2,500 $0 $17,440
DeVry University $34,100 $2,000 $225 $36,325
Vatterott College $32,000 $0 $250 $32,250
Phoenix University $30,000 $1,600 $250 $31,850
Capella University $26,550 $1,600 $515 $28,665
ITT-Tech $26,775 $1,500 $250 $28,525

** Cost at schools might vary. Contact the school in question to verify total cost.


The table below details the breakdown of all ABTU program levels.

Program LevelTuition per Credit HourCredit Hours in ProgramTotal TuitionCourse Materials Fee (Per Course)Courses in ProgramTotal Course Materials FeeTotal Program Cost
Technical Diploma$24930$7,470$12510$1,250$8,720
Associate of Applied Science (AAS)$24960$14,940$12520$2,500$17,440
Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)$24960$14,940$12520$2,500$17,440
Master of Business Administration (MBA)$24936$8,964$12512$1,500$10,464

The course materials fee includes the cost of the textbook, applicable course software, proctoring fees, online library access fee, and any other fees specific to each course. ABTU does not charge any other mandatory fees, though fees for optional items and services are listed below.

  • Challenge Exam Fee – $105.00
  • Additional Software License Key – $50
  • Technology Package $299



ABTU - Most affordable tuition

This table indicates annual tuition nationwide as compared to ABTU tuition rates.
This data was sourced from the National Center For Education Statistics: NCES Statistics


To request more information, inquire about start dates or financial aid, and speak to an Admissions Coordinator for any questions you might have. No obligation. Click Here ( Contact Us ) Apply Now ( Application ) Or Call Toll free: 1-800-804-1388 to speak to a representative. Funding sources such as GI Bill®, Armed Forces Tuition Assistance, Corporate Reimbursement, and V.R. are eligible.  Tuition rate remains the same for students that are continuously enrolled, regardless of institution-wide tuition rate increases. Students leaving school for more than 6 months are subject to new enrollment agreements and applicable tuition increases. Total cost of degree assumes no failed courses or transfer of programs.

ABTU is exiting the loan program in support of promoting zero-debt education. Speak to a coordinator for more information.