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Office of Financial Aid

Dear Prospective Student,

The Office of Financial Aid provides information and assistance regarding the many options a student may have to fund their education, including employer educational benefits, VA/GI Bill, institutional grants, scholarships and discounts, state funding, out of pocket payment plans, as well as Federal Financial Aid for those who qualify.  Students are strongly encouraged to explore their eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant by completing the FAFSA, as outlined below. Based on the fact that ABTU has affordable and accessible programs, where students do not need to move to a traditional campus and incur room and board charges, new students at ABTU are no longer experiencing student loan debt because they are not borrowing Federal Student Loans.

We will make certain that students fully understand the long-term implications of student loan debt that in many cases is more than double the cost of their tuition. It is our goal to help students to make good decisions, including the decision of whether or not ABTU is a good fit for their needs.   Our interest in ensuring that students do not borrow money for school is backed up by our own ABTU Zero-debt initiative, which is offered to qualified and eligible students who agree not to borrow Federal Student Loans.

ABTU is putting its own financial resources to use to assist students who are eager to benefit from our educational training without incurring debt.


The Financial Aid Department


PS: There are three things that you need to complete to  apply for financial aid.

1) Complete the FAFSA and enter the school code 041187 by visiting  You will need to create a new account if this is your first time using the FAFSA and save your PIN number in a safe place.

(TIP) for help in completing this form, please watch this youtube video.  This link will open in a new window.

2) Complete this form to notify the college that you have started your Financial Aid application.

Still have questions? Use the live chat at the bottom of your screen to speak to a University representative and schedule a call with a financial aid specialist.

Financial Aid Links:


In order to be eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid, you must :

✓ Not be concurrently enrolled in a secondary school.

✓ Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.

✓ Have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.

✓ Have a valid Social Security Number.

✓ Be enrolled at least half time if applying for student loans.

✓ Not be in default with any student loans or have exceeded the maximum loan limits (check at

✓ If male, registered with Selective Service (

✓ Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

✓Not have a conviction for the possession or sale of illegal drugs for an offense that occurred while you were receiving federal student aid.

Helpful Videos About Financial Aid

Click here for more information about Financial Aid Policies and Procedures at ABTU. 

Contact email for the financial aid office:


Phone: 816-279-7000 Extension: 1700

General university email:

Vice President for Financial Aid and Compliance Dr. Michael Campbell.

Financial Aid Processing: Brook Muff

State Funding

Students at ABTU that reside outside of the state of Missouri, do not qualify for state funding. Students that reside outside of the state are encouraged to contact their state to see if they qualify for any state grants.