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Accessing your 1098-T

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Understanding your 1098-T

What is IRS Form 1098-T?

An eligible educational institution, such as a college or university in which you are enrolled, and an insurer who makes reimbursements or refunds of qualified tuition and related expenses to you must furnish this statement to you. You, or the person who can claim you as a dependent, may be able to claim an education credit on Form 1040 or 1040-A, only for the qualified tuition and related expenses that were actually paid in the prior calendar year. To see if you qualify for the credit, see Pub. 970, Tax Benefits for Education; Form 8863, Education Credits; and the Form 1040 or 1040-A instructions.

Why did I receive Form 1098-T?

Your school is required to send you this form so that you can use it to determine if you are eligible and what dollar amount you can claim for either the American Opportunity Credit or Lifetime Learning tax Credits.

What is Form 1098-T used for?

The information on the 1098-T form is provided to assist each Student/Taxpayer in preparing the IRS FORM 8863, which is used to claim the American Opportunity or Lifetime Learning Credits. Once complete, the 8863 should be attached to the Student/Taxpayers return to determine eligibility and the amount of the Education credit (if any) that he/she may be entitled to on their Individual Income Tax Return.

How do institutions report payments received?

Institutions may report either payments received during the calendar year in box 1. The amount shown in box 1 may represent an amount other than the amount actually paid in the prior calendar year. Your institution must include its name, address, and information contact telephone number on this statement. It may also include contact information for a service provider.

Do I have to use Form 1098-T?

No, if you are not paying taxes or your income is too high to qualify, you do not have to do anything with this form. If you think you received it in error, please disregard it.