ITT Tech Transfer Credit & Articulation Information

ITT Tech Transfer Credits

Dear former ITT Tech student,

Prior to the unfortunate and untimely closure of ITT Tech, ABTU had a long-standing “articulation agreement” which allows students to transfer their courses without costing them valuable credits and time lost.

In response to the recent news, ABTU is answering the call to help those that were negatively impacted by so far successfully transferring over 4,000 credits, thus saving transfer students an average of 9 months to finish where they left off.

This concerted effort to accept your ITT Tech Transfer Credits has also resulted in $1.1 million in savings for students since last year.

The average student with ITT Tech Transfer Credits is transferring almost all of their credits to ABTU and completing their program of choice in 6 months or less.  

We’ve created this page for you as a helpful resource and to give students with ITT Tech Transfer Credits an opportunity to receive a “no obligation” transfer credit review. We are in direct communication with Parchment for your transcripts, and we can do a preliminary review using your unofficial transcripts as well in the meantime.  


Lute Atieh, University Vice President

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How to Apply for Loan Discharge or Loan Forgiveness

Some students are asking us if this means their loans will be forgiven or canceled.  The term that the U.S. Department of Education uses is “discharged,” which means you will have no student loan debt at all from the school that closed, such as ITT.  This will not, however, have any impact on other federal loans that you might have borrowed at other schools. The U.S. Department of Education has also provided some information about this here.

The most important thing you need to know is that nothing will happen automatically.  You must apply to have your federal loans discharged through the U.S. Department of Education. It should not be a difficult process–they know who was attending school at ITT and who borrowed loans while they were at ITT. What they do not know is what your future plans are. If you transfer to a “similar program” at another school, your loans are not eligible for discharge.

We wish we could give you advice about this (what a “similar program” is), but we cannot, since the rules, and the application of the rules, are made by the U.S. Department of Education. We encourage you to contact the U.S. Department of Education at the link provided above to discuss this with them.

You have a unique opportunity to have federal loans discharged. We encourage you to fully explore that option while you are considering another program in which to enroll. The opportunity to have $10,000 or $20,000 in loans (or even more) discharged is a positive side benefit of unfortunate circumstances in which you find yourself, with your school now closed. This also might cause you to adjust your educational goals to ensure your eligibility for discharge. Again, we can’t give you advice on this, but we want you to be fully aware of the implications of your upcoming decisions.

Remember, if you choose to enroll at ABTU, we support furthering your education without the need for federal or private student loans,  therefore you will have no need for student loans while at ABTU. Our tuition is roughly half of the national average and falls well within available funding opportunities outside of loans such as Federal Pell Grants, other university scholarships, and discounts. This means that a large majority of our students are attending ABTU with little to no out of pocket cost to them.

Here is a link to the US Department of Education’s official announcement: 

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How to Finish Your Degree with ABTU

ABTU offers four levels of credentials: Certificate, Diploma, Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.  The number of credits required for each level are as follows:

Technical Certificate: 18 semester credit hours
Technical Diploma: 30 semester credit hours
Associate Degree (AAS): 60 semester credit hours
Bachelor’s Degree (BAS): 60 semester credit hours (requires Associate’s to be completed)
Master’s Degree (MBA): 36 semester credit hours (requires Bachelor’s degree to be completed)

In most cases, students seeking an AAS degree at ITT Tech were enrolled to complete 93 quarter credit hours for an Associate level degree. The same is true for the Bachelor’s degree at ITT. This means, upon transferring to ABTU, you will have more than enough credits to apply to both the Associate and Bachelor’s in most cases.

This results in faster graduation while spending less money.   

ABTU administrators are ready and willing to provide you with a complimentary, no obligation review of your completed courses at ITT Tech.

We understand that you are likely unable to gain access to your official transcripts, however, we are able to unofficially review screenshots of your completed courses that can be captured inside of your ITT Tech portal, or a listing of completed courses that you may already have.

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ABTU Hosted Webinar for ITT Students

ABTU is holding a weekly webinar via Facebook Live, every Thursday at 5pm CST. The Vice President, Lute Atieh will be answering any questions you may have. Please visit Lute Atieh’s (University Vice President) Facebook profile, and like, follow and share with fellow students to receive live updates as they come about.

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Whitehouse Petition for Veterans

Recently, Veterans that were attending ITT have started a petition asking the Department of Veteran Affairs to establish a program for the GI Bill® similar to the loan discharge process. This would ultimately allow Veterans to attend another school using the GI Bill® benefits they lost at ITT. To support this cause, sign the petition located here.

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Department of Education Web page

The US Department of Education has published a webpage with additional information for ITT Students. This includes links to helpful resources and an informational webinar.

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Transferring Your Credits to ABTU

The Transfer Credit Review process can normally be completed within 24-48 hours. Recently we have experienced an increase in requests which has added to this time from a same day turnaround for ITT students.  We currently understand that official transcripts can take several weeks to obtain. In the meantime, we are able to review unofficial transcripts or course listings for the purposes of supplying you with a plan for completing your degree.

You are also able to start classes before gaining access to your official transcripts, as long as you can demonstrate you have requested the officials by the time classes start.  Use this link to visit Parchment, the company that has been contracted to handle ITT Tech transcripts. Parchment charges $10.00 for electronic officials, and an additional $2.50 if you want it mailed to you or a school of your choice. We do not charge for Transcript Reviews.

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Other Ways to Finish Your Degree Faster

In addition to transferring your credits, ABTU also offers opportunities for you to earn credits by evaluating training that you received outside of college credit courses.  You are also able to take Sophia online courses and transfer those into ABTU for credit as well.  These two opportunities are great ways for non traditional students to reduce graduation time. 

You may learn more about our Challenge Exam Policy here.

You may learn about our Sophia Learning partnership here.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs from ITT Students:

Q: Does ABTU accept Transfer credits from ITT Tech?

A: Yes, ABTU has had an articulation agreement in place with ITT Tech since 2014. This means we have evaluated most ITT credits and have determined which of our courses they will match with, resulting in maximum transfer credit from ITT to ABTU. In most cases, students are able to apply all earned credits with ITT Tech towards ABTU programs.

Q: Is this an online university?

A: Yes, however it is important to note that we are also not your traditional online school. Most schools offer what is called “correspondence learning” online, which means you submit work, type responses and only interact with your teachers and other students via email and message boards.

At ABTU, we live stream lectures twice a week which are also recorded for your convenience. This gives you the option to attend live lectures in a virtual classroom environment, interact with your teachers and other students and have the flexibility of online learning, all at a fraction of the cost.

Q: What are my options when paying for school?

A: We accept all funding sources such as Federal Financial Aid, GI Bill®, Vocational Rehabilitation, State Tuition Assistance, Corporate Reimbursement and we also offer zero interest monthly payments to those that do not qualify for any of the above tuition assistance programs or are sponsored by an organization or employer.

Q: Will I lose any time if I transfer to your University?

A: Here is the great news — Because ABTU programs are similar in length and content to many ITT Technical Institute programs, many students will simply transfer to a similar ABTU program, and continue where they left off, losing minimal, or no credits in the process! As mentioned above, ABTU and ITT. have had an articulation agreement in place since 2014, as a result of the similarity between program content and length.

Q: What are ABTU’s hours of operation?

A: ABTU offers 24/7 Live Chat support on our website. Technical assistance and tutoring or help with assignments are also available around your schedule. Administrative office hours are Monday – Friday 9 am – 7:30 pm CST and Saturday 9 am – 3 pm CST. Outside of those times, website chat and on call support are available by phone.

Q: How long does it take to get my transcripts evaluated?

A: Typically we can evaluate unofficial or official transcripts within 24 business hours. If you upload a copy of your transcript or a screenshot of your completed courses and a short narrative, we will provide you with a complimentary, no obligation review.

Q: Do I need my official transcripts to get an evaluation and start school?

A: Not at this time, we understand it can take several weeks to receive a copy of officials, even digital ones. ITT Tech has outsourced its document department to Parchment: We are in contact with them and can accommodate the delay.

In the meantime, we simply need an unofficial listing of the completed courses showing course code and title. This can be evaluated on a conditional basis until we receive your officials. You will be able to start school even if we do not receive your officials in time for the first day of class.

Q: I already graduated from ITT Tech. Is my degree still valid or is it completely useless?

A: ITT closed its doors largely due to financial reasons, not necessarily quality issues with curriculum and programs. A number of public and private schools that have great programs close annually due to financial challenges or regulatory issues.

Your degree or earned credits from ITT are still valid and useable to transfer to other institutions or to secure employment.

Q: I already graduated from ITT Tech, do I still need to repay my loans?

A: In most cases, yes. If you graduated more than 120 days from the date of the closure, your loans are still valid. Here is the link to the U.S. Department of Education’s guidance on the issue: Click Here

Q: Do I qualify for loan forgiveness if I transfer to your school?

A: The Department of Education has issued statements and limited guidance on this process to date. The initial information indicates that if you transfer to another institution and stay in the same program, you will not be eligible to forgive your loans.

If you transfer into a different program, you should be able to forgive your loans. You will also be able to if you choose not to attend school further. No details have been given on what constitutes a “different program” or what the timeline is for not continuing your education.

Members of our University are attempting to get clarification from the U.S. Department of Education as we speak. We will be posting new information here daily. Please subscribe for updates about loan forgiveness and other ITT news.

We also recommend completing the form for loan forgiveness and submitting it as soon as possible.

Q: What programs do you have that are similar to ITT Tech’s programs?

ABTU has a wide variety of programs with accommodating transfer credit policies. Those students in technology-related and electronic engineering programs typically transfer to Networking and Security or Business & Information Technology. For a full list of Certificate, Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, visit our Programs offered page.

Q: How do I know ABTU is a trustworthy University and why haven’t I heard of ABTU before?

A: The first measure of quality is our rich history of online education since 2001. As a DEAC-accredited University that has been serving working adults, we have a diverse population of graduates and current students that are more than willing to share their experiences with you. As a private university, dedicated to 100% online education, more of your tuition goes directly into learning and not expensive overhead. This keeps your tuition affordable, and you out of student loan debt.

The U.S. Department of Education requires all schools participating in the Federal Student Aid Program to be reputable, accredited schools. This is also the case with the Department of Veteran Affairs (GI Bill®). As a medium-sized university, we have a lower student to teacher ratio and a high satisfaction rate (95%). Our student to teacher ratio is 1-14 and our dedicated staff are faculty give you the personal attention you deserve.

ABTU does not spend money on national TV or radio advertisements. The majority of students that enroll come from internet research, personal referrals and partnerships with organizations and professional organizations. This means ABTU is able to maintain among the most affordable tuition in the nation and provide you with a transparent and easy to understand tuition model that will not change while you are in school.

ABTU is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized Accrediting Agency. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

At ABTU, you’re not just another student among tens of thousands of students. You are a part of our family that cares about their students and graduates. If you would like to speak to a student, graduate, teacher, dean or president/vice president, please email your request to

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