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ABTU’s online tuition is substantially less than the tuition cost of many similar colleges and universities.

With a selection of Certification and Diploma programs, Associate’s of Applied Science, Bachelor’s Degrees, and Master’s Degree programs, all of our programs concentrate on in-demand fields, specifically sought out by the best employers.


The table below details the breakdown of all ABTU program levels.

Program Level Tuition per Credit Hour Credit Hours in Program Total Tuition Course Materials Fee (Per Course) Courses in Program Total Course Materials Fee Total Program Cost
Certificate $249 18 $4,482 $125 6 $750 $5,232
Technical Diploma $249 30 $7,470 $125 10 $1,250 $8,720
Associate of Applied Science (AAS) $249 60 $14,940 $125 20 $2,500 $17,440
Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) $249 60 $14,940 $125 20 $2,500 $17,440
Master of Business Administration (MBA) $249 36 $8,964 $125 12 $1,500 $10,464

The course materials fee includes the cost of the textbook, applicable course software, proctoring fees, online library access fee, and any other fees specific to each course. ABTU does not charge any other mandatory fees, though fees for optional items and services are listed below.

  • Challenge Exam Fee – $99
  • Additional Software License Key – $50


For a list of discounts and scholarships, please click here: 




American Business and Technology University’s popular funding sources are listed below. Please speak with an admissions coordinator to learn more about other opportunities not listed here such as exclusive discounts and scholarships. Scroll further down for financial aid and scholarship information. offers several types of funding for students.

Federal Student Aid:

Federal student aid is available for qualified students at ABTU. Federal student aid, also referred to Financial aid or Title IV can be used to assist in paying for college. There are many steps that must be completed to qualify for Federal student aid. Please contact us for more for more information.

Corporate Tuition Reimbursement:

ABTU is Tuition assistance friendly, your company may pay a portion of your tuition if your training is related to your job duties. Typically corporations require pre approval from the human resources department before an employee enrolls, please check your company’s benefits. You can discuss this option with your admissions coordinator during the application process.

Zero Interest Payment Plan:

ABTU is committed to helping you graduate without a large amount of debt to repay. Our affordable and all inclusive cost are just a few ways we are able to help. You can also set up a zero interest payment plan with ABTU to avoid taking loans and paying interest. This payment agreement is not credit based. Please ask your admissions coordinator for more information about this plan. Payments can be structured monthly, or course by course.

Vocational Rehab:

Check with your local VR office to see if you qualify for educational assistance. ABTU delivers live education directly to you within your home. You may qualify for tuition assistance along with internet access and technology assistance if you are disabled. Ask your admissions coordinator for more information.

Work Investment Act:

If you have recently been laid off, you may qualify for state and federal funds to assist in your re-training. This funding is state specific, check with your admissions representative to see if the state you live in qualifies. Also check with your local unemployment or Work Investment Act office to see if you qualify for these grants.

GI Bill®:

ABTU accepts all chapters of the GI Bill®. Scholarships available for Veterans, Active Duty and Dependents. In many cases a veteran or active duty personnel will not need to pay out of pocket for their education. ABTU is committed to providing access to higher education which is affordable and convenient.

Active Duty Tuition Assistance:

ABTU is approved by all branches of the military for Active Duty Tuition Assistance. ABTU offers a discount for Active Duty members currently serving our country for up to 50% off of the total cost of education. Also ask about our military family scholarships.

Military Tuition Assistance Program for Spouses: 

As an accredited university, we are proud to support our military families in their pursuit of higher education. As a military spouse, you know the importance of training and the role it plays in achieving your goals.  ABTU has made furthering your education more convenient by offering you simple and transparent tuition that fits within your MyCAA scholarship, with zero out of pocket cost to you. Our training courses and degree programs are also conveniently available 100% online and flexible to your schedule.


Office of Financial Aid

Dear Prospective Student,

The Office of Financial Aid provides information and assistance regarding the many options a student may have to fund their education and training, including employer educational benefits, VA/GI Bill, institutional grants, scholarships and discounts, state funding, out of pocket payment plans, as well as Federal Financial Aid Grants for those who qualify.  Students are strongly encouraged to explore their eligibility for various (non-debt) funding sources, including the Federal Pell Grant by completing the FAFSA, as outlined below. Based on the fact that ABTU has affordable and accessible programs, where students do not need to move to a traditional campus and incur room and board charges, flexible attendance and online delivery, new students at ABTU should not experience the need to borrow funds for their education and training at ABTU.

We look forward to assisting you in the discovery of the many opportunities available to you that help you achieve your goals without burdensome debt.


The Financial Aid Department

P.S. There are three things that you need to complete to  apply for financial aid.

1) Complete the FAFSA and enter the school code 041187 by visiting  You will need to create a new account if this is your first time using the FAFSA and save your PIN number in a safe place.

                   (TIP) for help in completing this form, please watch this youtube video.  This link will open in a new window.

2) Complete this form to notify the college that you have started your Financial Aid application.

Still have questions? Use the live chat at the bottom of your screen to speak to a University representative and schedule a call with a financial aid specialist.

Financial Aid Links:


In order to be eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid, you must :

✓ Not be concurrently enrolled in a secondary school.

✓ Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.

✓ Have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.

✓ Have a valid Social Security Number.

✓ Be enrolled at least half time if applying for student loans.

✓ Not be in default with any student loans or have exceeded the maximum loan limits (check at

✓ If male, registered with Selective Service (

✓ Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

✓Not have a conviction for the possession or sale of illegal drugs for an offense that occurred while you were receiving federal student aid.

Helpful Videos About Financial Aid

Click here for more information about Financial Aid Policies and Procedures at ABTU. 

Contact the Financial Aid Office:


Phone: 816-279-7000 Extension: 1700

Vice President for Financial Aid and Compliance: Dr. Michael Campbell,

Financial Aid Processing: Brooke Muff,

General University Email:

State Funding

Students at ABTU that reside outside of the state of Missouri, do not qualify for state funding. Students that reside outside of the state are encouraged to contact their state to see if they qualify for any state grants.

What’s Next?

To request more information, inquire about start dates or financial aid, and speak to an Admissions Coordinator for any questions you might have, click one of the following links. Contact Usapply, or call us toll free at 1-800-804-1388 to speak to a representative. Funding sources such as GI Bill®, Armed Forces Tuition Assistance, Corporate Reimbursement, and V.R. are eligible.  Tuition rate remains the same for students that are continuously enrolled, regardless of institution-wide tuition rate increases. Students leaving school for more than 6 months are subject to new enrollment agreements and applicable tuition increases. Total cost of degree assumes no failed courses or transfer of programs.

ABTU has exited the federal student loan program and has a variety of scholarships and discounts to assist you in completing your educational goals without using federal student financial aid.