ABTU Externship

As a student or alumni of American Business & Technology University (ABTU), you have complimentary access to ongoing career services that include resume writing assistance, live career workshops, LinkedIn and personal brand development, job search and location assistance, and externships and practicums in certain programs. ABTU tools and resources include innovative software and services that help you locate employment opportunities in your area. These services are ongoing and do not expire for graduates of ABTU programs.

Although not a requirement of the program, graduates have the opportunity to participate in a clinical externship and / or a hands on practicum (in programs that have an externship or practicum component). An externship is a unique opportunity that allows you to gain an insider’s view into a career field, observe on-the-job activities, and participate in hands-on learning in the workplace.

ABTU has a dedicated Career Services department that will work with you to locate potential externship sites in your area such as a hospital, physician’s practice, clinic, or other healthcare related organization. Additionally, we will assist you with meeting the requirements necessary to participate in the externship which may include background screening, drug tests, and other externship site specific requirements.

For more details, see the Externship Site FAQs.