ICD and ABTU Form an Alliance for Affordable Education

The Institute for Career Development and American Business & Technology University have forged an alliance to bring affordable educational opportunities to all represented USW employees who have an ICD facility at their location.

We are proud to partner with the Institute for Career Development and United Steelworkers Unions in your area to bring affordable and DEAC accredited education to you. ABTU is a 100% online university designed specifically with the needs of busy working adults in mind.


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This partnership first started by a conversation with a US Steel Employee that is also a USW member, who had completed his Associates Degree with ABTU and wanted to return to complete his Bachelor’s Degree with us. Although the student was limited on funds to do so, we wanted to help see them through in achieving their educational goals.

From this conversation we as a team set out to make it happen, and now we are proud to be offering a “Dollar for Dollar” match that could provide up to $3,600.00 annually in educational training dollars for each participant.


Our reputation and commitment: 

To date, we have had several represented USW members join ABTU as students. We are dedicated to providing them and all ICD participants with interactive training that accommodates all shifts without putting participants into burdensome debt. We stand by our commitment to quality, affordable education and encourage you to ask around to see what your colleagues that have worked with us think.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much will this cost me? Nothing. Not a single dollar will come out of your pocket.

What do I need to provide? A PC (no older than 3 years, please) and a broadband Internet connection.

Can I take more classes than 4 per year? Absolutely! Now, these you will need to pay for, but we have set up extremely deep discounts for all USW members should they choose to do so. ABTU does not accept federal student loans. Pay as you go is the motto we live by!

Can I take single courses? Yes. We can get you into your class of choice as well as full degree and certification programs.

Can I request a course that is not shown? Yes. If we can get enough interest in a particular area, we will build that course out for your team. This does take about 3-4 months in most cases as we want to make sure the course meets all state and federal requirements. Non-Credit courses can be delivered faster.

I work swing shifts… can I still attend? ABTU has made our online interactive model available for both our standard evening courses as well as day courses to accommodate your ever-changing work schedule. (See example below)

For example: Our standard live classrooms run 2 days per week from 5:30p.m. – 9:15p.m. CST.

We can accommodate USW workers working shifts such as 7a.m.-7p.m. by offering a proctored live room active at 8p.m. so they can get their “Live Lecture” time counted as well as ask any questions they have while doing their weekly homework.

Our goal at ABTU is to make sure that ICD participants get the courses they need, when they need them, at the time they need them. Your and their success is our chief aim.


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Pictures from the National ICD Conference: 

We were honored to be invited and announced as a newly official education partner of the ICD at the National ICD Conference in October. We greatly enjoyed our time getting to meet and spend time with many of the ICD coordinators and staff.

Dr Jill Biden speaking

Dr. Jill Biden speaks at the ICD Conference about the importance of education and training.

Al Long and Lute Atieh

Al Long, Director of ICD and Lute Atieh, Chief Operating Officer of ABTU.